Reiki: Channel 4’s Bedtime Live brings child sleep problems into the spotlight

baby reikiThe buzz this week is the launch of Channel 4’s Bedtime Live which highlights how many people in this country are struggling to get their kids to sleep. With sleep being so important to wellbeing and health, I imagine there are a lot of people out there who are feeling panicked and as though they have tried everything.

The sleep clinic’s survey found that nine out of 10 teachers complained that pupils were so tired they were unable to pay attention in class and nearly half said lack of sleep made children unruly and badly behaved.

Other studies have also found that:

– adding just one hour of extra sleep decreases the chances of being overweight or obese by around 30%

– sleepless nights has contributed to the rise in teen depression

– up to two-thirds of children do not get enough sleep and have missed out on as much as 4,500 hours by their seventh birthday

– there is a link between lack of sleep and attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD) in children

– an extra hour of sleep a night can boost youngster’s alertness and brainpower

New mums are especially sleep deprived as it can take months before a baby will sleep through the night. Independently of children, there are many parents who struggle themselves to sleep. There is much that can be done however, to improve the situation.  Apart from taking up a regular yoga and meditation practice, Reiki is incredibly powerful and can benefit both parents, children and even unborn babies.

Reiki is a wonderful aid for enhancing connections within families from fertility through to pregnancy, labour and ante-natal care. It is a very powerful, completely safe form of healing involving channeling our beautiful life force energy and the traditional medical world is beginning to catch up with it. In fact, the Trent Research Ethics committee surveyed midwives on its use for pregnancy and labour throughout the NHS with favourable results.
The results speak for themselves, “Violet came into the world early in the morning, a lovely calm and relaxed home birth. She is so chilled out and calm, the reiki has worked a treat – I’m certain that’s why she’s so content. She’s also sleeping through the night after being here only a few weeks!” (Lisa Bedding, Wiveliscombe, Somerset).