Yoga: One consciousness, one love… finally academics catch up

I am a massive fan of the RSA. It’s the kind of place that, if I’d heard about whilst I was at uni, I probably would have camped on their doorstep until they gave me a job. I first discovered them when on a tortuous assignment to stuff envelopes. Tortuous I thought it would be until I overheard the conversations with staff which were a daily curiosity.

Empathy will save the world and this video shows us how biology is proving what the spiritual teachers have been telling us for thousands of years. There is a global consciousness. A global need for peace and prosperity and technology is becoming the medium through which we are able to experience it. A friend of mine sent me this video after we had this discussion in which we were talking about a theory I had that relationships can become stuck as in mirroring each other, our brains almost adapt to each other.