Yoga: Steffen discovers whole new depths to yoga

301369_10150829250920393_1110151830_nNicola’s class is by far the most educational as well as revitalising that I’ve taken since I began yoga over four years ago. I was very pleasantly surprised! I attend yoga and Body Balance classes throughout the week at Wellsprings and Blackbrook in Taunton, and as much as I enjoy them for keeping me physically in check, their effects over the years have become noticeably standardised and are no way near as obvious as when I first started. Nicola’s class was like rediscovering yoga all over again! I couldn’t believe the difference in my whole body at the end of the class, especially as I had only just been to one of my regular classes the previous day. Due to the smaller size of the group, Nicola was able to tend to us each individually and encourage us to work to our next levels. I had no idea how much my downward facing dog was lagging, and what a difference a more refined approach could make.

I certainly think the visual aids that a teacher provides throughout are some of the most important aspects of yoga, and some of Nicola’s were particularly poignant and had an instant effect in terms of getting you “in the zone”.

Nicola was a wonderful instructor and the class had a more personal as well as a more ambient atmosphere (we did it in soft light, which was refreshing) than any I’ve been to. I accept that instructors in larger classes don’t always have time to assist you in nitpicking over minor improvements you can make but for those who want to more accurately precision themselves so in order to achieve the proper techniques of yoga, more one-on-one tuition with a personal instructor is essential. Bluebird Bliss offers just that!