Lifestyle: Bartering is the new black – my barter of the week

This week I have had a few moments of despondency as crumbling finances have been an issue – if you read my post last week you’ll understand why. However, it’s in these moments that sometimes, a gift from someone is worth far more than the coins I ask for a yoga class because 1, they wouldn’t have been able to make it along otherwise and therefore I get to see their lovely, smiling, yoga brightened face and 2, I get to stuff my own face with this lovely food! It was like sunshine in a bowl. Yummy yummy home made falafel with a red cabbage and sultana salad and homemade pitta bread. I’m so getting the recipe!

Boy did that cheer me up! This was made by the wonderful Darrelle of Razzle Dazzle Ices. It’s vegan and so is her and her husband’s super ice cream (

Here’s the falafel recipe:

And for the salad:

The salad was shredded red cabbage, and a shredded carrot and handful of sultanas. You could add grated apple, beetroot, parsnip or sliced avocado too. The dressing was a standard vinaigrette made with rapeseed oil lemon juice and cider vinegar, dried mustard powder and a squirt of agave syrup whizzed in the blender. Mix together and let stand for a couple of hours before service to allow the acidity of the dressing to soften the cabbage and carrot.