Yoga: Guest Post – Yoga is awesome by Sami Hood

Screen shot 2013-01-17 at 20.59.29Yoga Is Awesome… by Sami Hood

I first heard of yoga when one of my good friends told me she goes every week to help with her frozen shoulder, she mentioned to me that it is very calming, gentle and relaxing, anyone who know me well knows that those three words and me do not go together at all, so I never imagined I would ever go to a class, or be allowed in one.

A few months later I met Nicola at a friends party, she told me that she practices and teaches yoga at the Roots cafe in town, my ears pricked up and I thought maybe I should give it a try so I invited a friend along and I went to my first class.
The class was amazing! I usually find it very hard to concentrate and become easily distracted, but throughout the class I felt chilled and at peace and also intrigued and amazed at how flexible everyone was and I wanted to learn more. Nicola was an amazing yoga teacher, helping us with poses and making us feel relaxed.  After my first class I was so chilled and I slept for a good 13hrs that night.
I went to my 2nd yoga class yesterday and I can say the benefits are increasing my flexibility, making me feel more at peace and less hyperactive, giving me a sense of belonging when I’m in a class and making me chilled out enough to sleep when I need to.
So overall so far yoga has helped me to slow things down a bit in my life and allow me to feel chilled and relaxed and enjoy that feeling. I can’t wait to learn more.
All thanks to my lovely yoga teacher Nicola Carley xx

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