Yoga: Sometimes we need a little reminder to look after ourselves and lighten up

Birtstone calendar 2012The first time I stayed over on my partner’s boat (yes, boat, not house), our morning lie in was disturbed by a reminder on my iphone. That reminder said water. When another one went off at 9.30am saying, affirmation, he asked what it was to remind me to do and when I told him, he laughed. “So have you got one to remind you to clean your teeth” he teased? “No,” I responded. “There is one however, to remind me to laugh and another to do my Tao meditation in which I join with the Barefoot doctor and thousands of other people around the glob at 2.o0pm”

Since my life currently, involves travelling between London and Somerset and I am rarely rooted in one place, having reminders on mirrors and post it notes plastered around the place doesn’t quite work and it’s surprisingly easy for me to reach midday and realise that I haven’t consumed any water so I figured – ok, I know how to get round this and started setting reminders in my phone.

Like most people I guess, this doesn’t necessarily guarantee that I actually follow through and act on them however, sometimes, I really am glad that I did that. Today for example, I am sitting on Adam’s boat, watching the snow falling into the canal, contemplating how I’m going to cope with a currently dwindling financial situation with a million and one creative ideas for projects I could pursue and just as I started to feel a little overwhelmed, a reminder popped up on my phone to laugh. And boy did I feel better after that. I suggest you give it a try and see what happens for you.

The thing I really love, is that Adam secretly set a reminder to pop up every morning so that when he is not there, I see a reminder that he loves me and misses me very much. Life rocks.