Lifestyle: Embracing the downs as well as the ups allows love and growth

As I climbed from my bed this morning, I was faced with the reality of a work free day which for many may seem like a bit of a god send but made me feel like going round the bend. I’ve had very little work over the past month or so and am still reliant on friends for a roof over my head so losing hours from my work schedule has the tendency to make me freak out. When I proceeded to burn my toast and accidentally pour hot water from my poached eggs all over it, I felt a sudden urge to laugh and remembering Osho’s laughing meditation, forced it to continue until my whole body shook, lifting the anxiety from my shoulders. As I watched the eggs boil in the pan, I thought about why I was feeling this fear and knowing that the root of all fear is linked to death, I stared it in the face and thought so what? The fact is that it’s highly unlikely I’d end up dead and that itself doesn’t really scare me. I have no fear of death having experienced a little sensation called infinity – the knowledge that we are eternal.

I watched the below TED talk on grief in which Gareth talks about embracing pain. Embracing it as part of living and the freedom that brings. He reminds us that there is no ‘end point’ in life and that we are here for the journey not to achieve this or that before we die. It is our ego that convinces us we need to be there not here so I said ‘fuck you’ had a big laugh and am now organising another yoga class. This raises my vibration again enough to feel the love.