Light: Swaying with the Tao

We all know that yoga is about releasing our ego – the voice that beats us up daily, telling us we should be doing this or that, could be better, must achieve this, should feel bad for saying that and so on.  Anything that helps us in learning to transcend it has to be a bonus so when on my spiritual travels, I bumped into this little nugget of Taoism, I thought it ought to be shared:


The ego wants you to cease doing anything that is oppressing it.

There is a positive twist to this …  whenever you sense that the ego is throwing a huge tantrum YOU KNOW that you are onto something good.
The ego will never oppose something that is unlikely to cause it grief.

Would you like to develop faith in yourself and the power that is
within you?   Yes?  Then do this.  No rituals are required.

I practice meditation 4 times a day.  8 am, 12 noon, 4 pm and 8 pm.
These are special moments for me because during these times I align
with the Father in me.

Throughout the day I practice the greeting of the Father (or Tao) in
everything I see.  I have been doing this since I was 4 years old
(probably earlier than that, but I do not remember).

So there is no stress or force. It is as natural as breathing.

In a nutshell …

1.  Accept yourself as you are.  No excuses, no pretence–just as you
are.  Love who you are unconditionally–without judgement.

This is how the Creator sees you.  If you want His ear, you need to
vibrate at the same frequency–no judgement whatsoever.

2.  Ease off on pressure.  The more pressure you place on life, the
more pressure you will receive.  So place no more than 4 oz of
pressure on yourself and life in general.  Be gentle with yourself and
others.  Do not PUSH and SHOVE in your thoughts.

At the same time, when life seems to tighten the screws, resist to no
more than 4 oz of pressure.  Any more than that, yield to it as a tree
bends to the winds of the hurricane and thrives in the process.

The hurricane will pass and the tree will be stronger and healthier
for it.  Yielding is not surrendering.  It is a smart way of dealing
with the energy of life.

Example:  Someone begins arguing and being rude.  You accept 4 oz of
that energy and then you bend.  You let go of all attachments to that
situation.  You step back and watch it from far.  This will help you
and the aggressor equally.

Example: The ego starts abusing you and calling you names and being
the usual nasty bastard.  Accept 4 oz of that energy and then yield to

Allow that energy to go through you.  Move yourself out of the
picture.  Accept that the nasty voice of the ego is part of life–it
is the Yang of life “grasshopper”.  Look forward to the Yin part
because it must come–it is the law of the universe.

Accept the concept of Yin and Yang.  Life is energy.  The waves of
energy come and go–it is the natural ebb and flow of living.

3.  Develop faith in yourself and the power that created you.

You do this by deciding what it is that you want.  You do not have to
furiously affirm it, or turn it into an obsession (remember no more
than 4 oz of pressure).

You simply think about it and accept it in your heart as something
that you desire.  You then leave the doing to the power that created
you.  How and where and why it will take place is not your doing.

Now and then remind yourself that the power that created you, and that
continues to give you life, has responded and is now at work.  Be
receptive to all opportunities.

Stay out of the kitchen!  Do not even peep.  Do not try to work out
what the chef is cooking, just sit at the table in anticipation of
receiving the most wonderful meal.

When the ego tries to raise doubt and ridicule your work, accept no
more than 4 oz of pressure.

Do not resist it or fight it, just bend with it.  Remind yourself that
the ego is a necessary component of your success.  In order for the
Yin to occur you need to also deal with the Yang.


We can apply this to our yoga practice in a similar way. Apply only 40z of pressure in your asana practice.