Yoga: Weekends, wine and non-attachment

As it’s the weekend and many of us like a bit of a tipple, I thought I’d share this video with you. Now, you may ask why it is that as a yogini in training, I promote an act which must surely not be in the yoga sutras of Patanjali? Well you’re right. It goes against the whole ethos of ashtanga which is all about cleansing our bodies in order to be able to sit in meditation for long periods of time and wine isn’t exactly going to make us happy now hey?

However, truly, yoga is about finding happiness within and provided we don’t over do it, there is no reason that we can’t enjoy the occasional glass with friends. After all, friends keep us feeling connected to humanity at large, make us feel part of a community and support us when times are hard. The trick is to ensure that we aren’t attached to that glass of wine. If we assume that our happiness lies at the bottom of the bottle or that we can’t have fun without it, we’re in trouble. If we are still able to get up the next morning and go for a meditative walk or do our yoga practice or whatever it is that we had planned, there’s not really too much of a problem.

Although our ancestor yogis reinforce the need to spend as much time as possible in meditation, to ensure we spend time ‘seriously’ and not go running off in frivolous endeavours, the reality is that we have incarnated in human form and as part of that existence, we like to experience different sensations, states of consciousness and connect in different ways with others; the paradox of being. Our lives are really about learning to be happy in order to share that happiness. A glass or two of wine will not necessarily hinder that process but in itself, we should not be attached to it, believing that in itself, it will offer a blissful state of mind nor relief from anything that may be causing us pain.

So I believe that it’s ok to open that bottle of wine but question how you’d feel if you didn’t drink it, be aware of your body and your reactions to it and if you happen to over do it, don’t beat yourself up but learn from it. Keep up the yoga but don’t try getting pissed while you’re doing it!