Yoga and Reiki: A fine balance; healer, healed, healing part two

This week has proved a challenging one to say the least and the theme is focus. Between the discovery that my 15 year old cat who I’ve had since she was a couple of months old is on her last legs (unsurprising at her age but upsetting nonetheless) and the battle to find quality time with my partner as well as dealing with the questions arising from my previous post, it appears that much self-inquiry eventually did bring the answer I was looking for via a huge kick up the bum from the universe. “Stop trying to look after other people when you need to be looking after yourself!”

See, I knew that our relationships reflect ourselves back to us. They reflect back both the good and the bad bits so any issues you have will come stinging right back at you. With my partner, I kept looking at the issues that I could see thinking, that doesn’t seem anything like me but was blind to the most glaringly obvious one. Despite the fact that I have spent the best part of a week complaining that I didn’t think he should be spending hours and hours of his time trying to help out friends for free when he was in a bit of a mess himself and we hadn’t spent enough time together lately, I hadn’t realised until talking to a friend today, that I was doing exactly that with him. Spending far too much money and time trying to help him with his business and personal life when actually, it was myself I needed to be focusing on.
Although at the end of my post last week I had come to the conclusion that I needed to look at myself, when Toby got ill towards the middle of the week, my focus re-shifted to him as I rushed around health food shops etc. trying to find vitamins etc. to help him shed the infection quicker and prevent further immune system attacks when in actual fact, I needed to be worrying about my yoga classes and let him deal with sorting out his health. Basically, “Sort your own shit out before trying to sort out your partner’s Nicola!”

This was further reinforced by me discovering that I was probably going to need the money that I had lent away since my part time job start date has been delayed (I couldn’t really afford to loan the money in the first place) and today, Sabrina’s post on her ‘How to Raise Your Vibration’ blog:

When we don’t accept responsibility for the negative creations in our OWN life, we oftentimes project our co-creator role onto “others” and like to tell them how they should live “their” life. Our focus of energy is in the wrong place!

This is a sneaky trick of the ego and shadow consciousness… distracts us from our own place of power and our own soul’s ascension by projecting everything externally of the self ~ focusing more on what OTHERS should or should not be doing, and not what we should be doing.

Projection ~ projecting our stuff onto others ~ keeps us blinded from our own distortions, and keeps us from evolving our soul. Evolution of the soul requires letting go of the old and stepping into the new ~ it requires us to transcend the lower self so we can incorporate more and more of our higher self into our being.Next time you catch your self focusing on the choices and behaviors of others ~ redirect your self to your SELF. This is where your place of power is, for you truly can not change others….you can only change the SELF.Be aware of your focus of energy. Are you focused on the inner path of your own salvation and soul’s ascension or the outer path of the ego’s projections, distortions and illusions?

Healer, heal thyself, and you will help heal the world.


~ Sabrina