Yoga and Reiki: Making healing ripples

One of my biggest learning curves since moving to the South West and setting up making a living from healing has been learning to let go of that old habit – worrying about money – and instead, focus on the exchange of love that brought me here in the first place

Some of my first few yoga classes were accompanied by a tightening of the throat and stomach in fear as I looked around me and saw less than half the number of faces that I’d hoped for which immediately gave rise to panic as I began to visualise myself living in a tent, or worse still, being shoved in a homeless hostel.  However, on working through this in my head, getting up each morning and refusing to worry about it, instead focusing on doing my own practice, a conversation with a friend during which we joked about sharing her tent, embedded what I already knew; the earth is here to take care of us and if we are in alignment with her energy – working for the greater good, taking pleasure in what we do and caring about how we interact with her, everything will be fine.

It was at that point I decided to let go of the fear and focus on giving the best I could to those who were attending my yoga classes, having reiki from me and working through my own practice as best I could in spite of difficult living circumstances.

Man, am I so glad I did. Seeing the immense benefits of my work in facilitating my client’s own healing is the greatest gift I could wish for and far supercedes that of receiving money. To hear that one of my clients is no longer taking the tramadol that he used to be forced to daily to quell the pain of his back ache, to see him losing weight, beginning to take more care of himself and watch the ripple effect as he encourages his mum to make small, positive changes in her life by coming to the odd yoga class and occasionally swapping dairy for kinder alternatives makes my heart sing.

To hear that one of my students gets upset if she misses a class as she feels how much of a difference it makes to her week, that another felt relaxed for the first time in months having been living in the grip of fear trying to find a job after Uni and be told that her and her sister have persuaded their dad to come and try yoga.
Just this morning I received the following message in response to my email enquiring why my client had missed her appointment:

Hi! I’m sorry I didn’t make it – got a little busy and everything went out of the window!! Violet came into the world early in the morning, a lovely calm and relaxed home birth. She is so chilled out and calm, the reiki has worked a treat – I’m certain that’s why she’s so content. Things are a bit all over the place at the mo, but hoping next week might be a little more normal! Hope all is well with you xx

Hearing how much reiki helped Lisa with her pregnancy and birth sends joy through my every cell. The most beautiful part of all this is seeing that not only are these beings learning to heal themselves, they are spreading that love and healing out into the world, touching each person they touch with their positive loving light thanks to the wonderful ripple effect as we are all so intrinsically connected to each other.