Yoga: Two heads are better than one – partner yoga

This week we got creative with a partner yoga session in Wiveliscombe. Not only did it bring alive the beautiful connection between these two sisters, but there were more than a few laughs. Partner yoga is a great way to get creative and have a play with yoga postures. It allows you to connect both physically and emotionally with your partner and as with these two lovely ladies, it doesn’t have to be your ‘other half’. You can practice together with your spouse, friend, parent, child or anyone else. You can do the same pose at the same time, intertwine a pose to create a new one pose, or support each other in a specific posture. The main focus is to gain sensitivity and adapt to your partner’s needs as well as learning to relinquish control.

Partner yoga helps to deepen and increase the stretch and impact of a yoga posture, without any pain. One partner’s body weight can be used to increase the pressure of the other partner. Working together with another presence while supporting each other can help improve communication. Your partner serves you like a mirror, to help you with proper alignment, balance and concentration. At the same time there is a level of playfulness, fun and laughter.

Practicing with your life partner can be very intimate as it can bring you closer, deepen a connection and revive a love that was lost. The endorphins you’ll feel from exercising, playing and laughing together are guaranteed to uplift your mood.

The shared touch in yoga can do wonders for your soul. The gentle touch, breathing and focused attention to each other while engaging in postures together can revitalise your spirit. The possibilities are endless. It’s a great activity for team building too as it’s a fantastic way to break down barriers and often, stereotypes. For anyone hoping to get their partner to try yoga for the first time, this is a great introduction.

If you are interested in me running a partner yoga workshop near you, please do get in touch. I would be working on a donation basis between £28 and £34 per couple for a one and a half hour session to cover pranayama, asana and meditation.