Lifestyle: Tinned Bliss

Anyone who grew up in the 80s and indeed the 60s and 70s, will I’m sure be accustomed to the array of foods that come in that one time new era packaging; the tin. I still have piercingly painful memories of being prevented from leaving the table until my entire plate was cleared of its dour soggy mash and tinned mushy peas. However, I was excited to discover that Waitrose’ range of tinned soups and vegetables gave me more than a glimmer of hope from the canned foods aisle this week.
I more than heartily recommend the Roast Vegetable and Buckweat soup which lived up to its colourful label with huge chunks of butternut squash and a hint of spice making it more than flavoursome. I added a large dash of worcestershire sauce just to make sure. The french onion soup is also lush though anyone strictly vegan will have to pass on that one as I noted it does say butter on the ingredients list.