Lifestyle: Being happy even on rainy days.

Woke up feeling fed up at the grey skies and rain again this morning? Wishing it were hot and sunny? I guess it would be easy to go down that road. I moved to Wiveliscombe. The wettest town in the South West and I could easily take the negative, sad path in which I get irritated that I have to, yet again, layer up my clothes before I warm up doing my yoga routine.

Or, I can stop and listen to the sound it makes as it hits the ground; watch as the light refracts through it; feel it fall on my skin; taste its wetness on my tongue and be, one with it, allowing the expansive feeling to grow as I meditate on your breath and take in the world around you.

The rain. It’s not good. It’s not bad. It just is… So finding beauty within it is a wonderful thing as Eredel here demonstrates with his beautiful photos