Lifestyle: Yogic Fashion Friday

It’s Friday again and we all know that means? Time to flash the pants and here are some beauties from the feminine simplicity that is the Etsy shop, Lychee Grove. Yes, I am addicted to Etsy it’s true. But why not? Let’s support the independent designer who is producing beautiful, one offs, limited editions and handmade items with love. I really can’t see the point in spending over a hundred pounds on a pair of yoga pants that probably won’t even last (ahem Wellicious) when one of the biggest limbs of Ashtanga teaches us to be able to let go of our worldly attachments. Spending over a hundred quid on a pair of yoga pants is not exactly a necessity.

These gorgeous Japanese plum leggings are beautiful and affordable. I know I would be dying to show them off at my Roots Cafe Yoga Class in Taunton.

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