Lifestyle: Yogi Fashion Friday

Being a yoga teacher is a gift but it does present some difficulties on the wardrobe front if you’re like me and can’t be doing with two or three wardrobe changes in a day.  So I have this new rule.  When I buy something new, for the most part, I like to be able to salute the sun without finding bits of my body falling out of places they shouldn’t *snigger* so I thought I’d share with you, some of my finds as I make my wardrobe yoga friendly.

Imagine how excited when I came across who will let you design your very own pair of yoga pants.  Made in organic cotton on the beach in California or the mountains in Boulder, you can choose your very own themes and colour tones for a pair of pants that reflect the core of you. You can really see the love in Tristan Christopher’s work and not only that, he wants to share it by allowing you to put your own stamp on. Even better, if you wanted to start designing your own, Gorgeous Killah will do the printing and sell them, giving you 20% of the profit. Everyone’s a winner!