Reiki: Distance healing helped a friend with her colonoscopy and she didn’t know it

The incredibly powerful effects of Reiki can be felt by anyone, anywhere without me even being there and this morning showed me just how much. I was recently endowed with the gift of attunement by the beautiful being that is Miguel Chavez and I had my first opportunity to practice, when at the weekend, my friend Karen mentioned that she was going to have to go into hospital for a scary test today, I offered to send her healing. I hadn’t heard back from her until I checked my facebook at 8.45am this morning and found a message from her asking if I could send healing energies for her appointment in 15 minutes.  I managed to get myself together in time to meditate and send her Reiki from 9am right through till 9.58am when I felt the time was right to complete.  I hadn’t set an alarm nor had I mentioned to Karen that I was going to do this.

During the Reiki, although I was miles away in little ole Wiveliscombe whilst she was in a hospital bed in London, I worked over my chakras as though they were hers and sent her love and healing energy.  Afterwards, I asked her if she’d noticed anything in the last hour as I had been sending her Reiki and she said:

“Hi sweetie, thank you. I was very anxious and nervous at 9am. But by 10 when I went for the procedure I was calm full of humour on a beach in Kerala! Some little disappointing news with the disease activity but I’m my usual positive self. Off to potter in my garden sending and receiving Gaia’s healing force. Big love xx”

Follow our progress as I send her more Reiki over the coming weeks for her illness. If you’re interested in Reiki in Wiveliscombe, Reiki in your home or by distance, please contact me at

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