Yoga: The time is love… Open your heart through Yoga in Wiveliscombe with Bluebird Bliss

Less than two weeks ago saw Venus’s transit through our solar system heralded the return of the Goddess and with her, there appears to be chaos.  But don’t we often need a level of chaos before we reach a positive change? Trust me, I’m not suggesting it’s easy.  I’ve gone from working in steady, PR jobs that crushed my soul like a steam roller over hot concrete where I had a regular salary and a regular head ache, back ache and feeling of dread on waking in the morning to actually living.  Though I’m a million miles from feeling any level of stability financially or otherwise, I am learning to accept that this feeling of instability is ok because actually, nothing is stable.  It’s all an illusion.  We never own anything as my friend Gabby said, we merely borrow the land from mother earth and our bodies return to it when we move on. Anyone who thinks they own it is very much mistaken.  Accepting this flux and change, pushing obstacles out of the way and learning to follow our heart which is shining the way to our true selves has been a major learning curve.

I see many people around me facing tough decisions as the walls of our lives begin to crumble giving way to bright horizons.  The redundancy, the repossession, the illness and the recession are all opportunities in disguise and inevitable symptoms of a sick society but we are being given a choice here.  We have the choice to return to a more natural way of life in harmony with mother earth and therefore ourselves, or to battle away, convinced that the next holiday, next car, next job, next pay cheque, salary rise, pet, wardrobe, kitchen upgrade, pair of jeans etc. etc will bring us to bliss and happiness.  Have faith I say.  The world is turning. There are many who are awakening to the return of the feminine and with her the will to nurture, be in touch with nature and foster love not war and as humanity’s consciousness catches up, there will be many of us linking together to forge a new world.

Though currently I am unable quite to see, exactly how I’ll pay my next lot of rent, car tax, petrol, phone bill etc. I am content in the knowledge that I am part of something important and to that, I bring love. That something is community.  When I made a promise to attempt to live more money free and work on the basis of exchanging love in order to effect positive change, I meant it.  Every time I begin to freak out about whether I took on a task too big – making my yoga cover the costs of my basic needs within 8 weeks, I take a big deep breath and meditate or do yoga or dance or lark about and every time I come back to find another message, text or thing of beauty from someone wanting to find out about classes or someone sending me love. With the energy dense and heavy as a result of the changes from new star light shining on the earth and solar flares bringing earthquakes and other mayhem(find out more here), just getting out of bed is an effort and staying positive in the face of what seem like insurmountable obstacles an even bigger task but when I receive an email like this,

“I had such a lovely stretch tonight – I felt absolutely on top of the world when I left you, so happy. thank you so much for such a wonderful start to the week.” I am reminded why it is worth getting out of bed.  It reconfirms too, why I am on a bid for moneyless living as the same student, unable to give much in cash at the moment, turned up with this beautiful handmade heart she’d made and a card. Today, I received this message,

“I can’t believe you are finally here lol! I have been waiting for someone to do Ashtanga in this area for two years at least. Hayley my very good friend told me all about you, I am coming on Monday with Hayley to your yoga class in Wiveliscombe. I can’t wait! So excited… The really interesting thing I have found about it is that when I try (and I do try quite often :/) to do any form of CV and/or strength work I am totally rendered useless by it, I basically crash for days. When I do yoga I feel I work just as hard and sometimes ache just as much but I don’t get totally whacked out by it, my book says it locks in energy and I wonder if that’s why?” Being sick with a heart condition, she is unable to pay for classes but has asked if bartering might be an option, yummy foods being the suggestion and I feel I have already received before I have even given the class simply from her energy.

So my advice right now?  Keep on opening up your heart to the beautiful feminine energy that is surging through right now.  Push away those fears about money and stability by working with what the Earth has gifted us, move to the extent of your mobility, sing to the extent of your ability and dance yourself into the present. Purvottanasana (as pictured) and Prasarita Padottanasana C (Wide leg stance forward fold with hands clasped behind back) are real heart openers in the ashtanga primary series.  Spend a little extra time finding your way in these poses this week or