Yoga: Unhappy with the world? Change it. Yoga will help you see how as the goddess returns with Venus

I have been very concerned at the state of things in this country for some time but was never really able to see exactly how I could effect change within it nor improve my own life for the better. However, my healing journey has enabled me to change the spectacles I was wearing and realise that things can be all pink and rosy and ever since, I appear to meet more and more people who are travelling the same or very similar paths.  I know that it is the light work I have been doing through yoga, reiki and shamanism which has brought me to a level of consciousness in which I am much am far more concerned than I have ever been about the impact choices I make has upon the earth, animals and fellow human beings.

This different perspective has opened a door enabling me to see how life could be so much more fulfilling for so many people and kinder to the planet.  For example, I have known about veganism for years but always assumed that people made this choice for the sake of their own bodies as I was ignorant to the ethical reasons behind it.  However, delving into vegetarianism as part of my yoga course based on the ahimsa (non-violence) ashtanga limb opened up discussions with people around the dairy industry.  I had chosen to be vegetarian because although on some level I do not have a problem with eating meat as I do believe that to some degree, we are meant to be omnivorous, I do have a problem with cruelty I was in a car going up a country lane with someone talking about guns and shooting game when he challenged me, “What’s the point of being vegetarian if you eat dairy which has been produced by killing calves?” Here I was stumped. “Killing calves? Really? How could I not know about this?” I felt positively stupid for not having even thought about something that is so bloody obvious and endeavoured to find out more.

So it turns out it’s true along with a whole host of other upsetting issues like pus from mastitis ending up in milk because cows udders get sore.  Of course it’s true and like many other billions of people out there, I didn’t notice it before because the truth about it was veiled by government and marketing agencies who display slogans such as, “Milk from our happy herd” and “Cravendale, it’s so good the cows want it back.” They got that wrong. It ought to be, “Cravendale, it’s no good cos the cows want their babies back.” They don’t give a toss about the milk. See, apart from being artificially inseminated so that they spend ninety percent of their time pregnant, systematically having their calves taken away and destroyed, the thing that really got me was the line that, “Cows have been known to bellow for days when their calves have been taken away and have even been known to escape in a bid to find their missing offspring.”  I think if this kind of behaviour were shown publicly on Planet Earth, people might think twice about having that scone and clotted cream.  Though I haven’t been able before now, to envisage a life without cheese – it being one of my favourite ever things, I simply can’t live with myself and eat it, knowing that animals are suffering because I want to eat it just because it tastes good – not because it’s key to my survival. In the same way snacking on a cow’s arse (eating beef jerky or biltong) just doesn’t seem right.

In delving into some of this stuff, I am now seeing a web of connections to other issues that our society is sick with currently. The impact of this kind of farming on our environment is costly not only in terms of carbon emissions from cattle but the land required to farm the cows on.

This morning alone I read an article in The Guardian and the behaviour it reported of the Government in the form of the Work Programme seemed vaguely reminiscent of the Red Army. Hmmmm… The Work Programme forcing unemployed people to work for nothing, being treated in a way that would upset Amnesty. We can change this can’t we peeps? How about we all do yoga together? Let’s open the door on the beauty of humanity and our inextricable link with the natural world. The desire amongst enough of us is strong enough, united enough to say no to repeating history. For me, I realise that the root of change lies in each and every one of us. To return to a more natural way of being. To realise the beauty within. To live in harmony with the land. Changing our eating habits alone would mean – less dairy = less land required to farm cows in a way that is cruel = more happy animals and land to be used for growing vegetables and less wear and tear on the environment from chemicals and carbon emissions.

This land could then be used to house people, like the unemployed mentioned in the Guardian article.  Instead of each week attending the job centre, they could be toiling at their own land, living in housing that’s aligned to the environment; straw bale houses, yurts and the like could be provided, self-sufficiency being the ultimate goal in order to free the vulnerable from the system that ultimately oppresses us all but from which, a movement has arisen to delve out, step out from the cycle of endless darkness.

In the meantime, yoga continues to reveal to me connections in life that are so positive and today, the Goddess returns symbolised in the transit of Venus into Gemini. Watch her transit live here


I leave you with a beautiful chakra meditation in celebration of her return and the expanded consciousness. Expect to be working on awakening these chakras in my Wiveliscombe yoga classes and Taunton yoga classes