Yoga: Surviving the tumult of the planets


It appears that the planets are pushing us through a period of mental instability and negativity. However, this is in order for us to learn how to get off our rubbish merry-go-rounds and hop on the train to peace, bliss and happiness.  So if things feel a bit tough this week, sneak off for five minutes and take a peek at that cyan sky. Run water over your hands, waft a candle’s flame over your heart, tickle your face with a feather and dig your toes into the earth. I for one have been feeling particularly challenged to overcome temptations to continue old patterns with little testers being placed all over my path but the indication that things have taken a turn for the better are powerful and in them I place my trust. We are here to support each other for we are all connected.

My suggestion to you as this time is to work on poses that help promote the healing of your root and sacral chakras so you are ready to embrace the changes upon us. Baddha Konasana, Pigeon Pose, Kurmasana and Crescent Moon postures are all brilliant for opening you to the ever flowing river of life and love. Nurture yourself and trust in your community.

For an amazing astrological explanation of the energies working on us at the moment, check out Tom Lescher in this clip. He’s grrrrreat.