Yoga: Classes starting in wonderful Wiveliscombe and Taunton

Now that I’m getting settled in, the battle for yoga venues began last week and I am proud, pleased and excited to announce the following classes:

Beginning Monday 11th June

Mondays from 6-7pm Yoga Groove, Wiveliscombe Community Centre. Yoga Groove is a very dynamic yoga class which will see you sweat and leave you feeling energised and floaty. Because I believe yoga should be a fun way of exploring our bodies, I have also developed a style moving through the ashtanga primary series with a little movement and music – yoga grooveThese yoga to music classes are particularly suitable for younger people and I positively encourage them to come along and give it a try. In terms of music, expect anything from dance tracks to floaty chillout sounds. Playlist suggestions are welcome! Please go to for details. Call 07811 344621 to book or simply turn up.

Mondays 7-8pm Yoga for Backs, Wiveliscombe Community Centre
My yoga for backs class does exactly what it says on the tin. Designed to work on that problem area for many of us – our backs, this class follows the ashtanga style but is a tad more gentle. Please go to for details. Call 07811 344621 to book or simply turn up.
Wednesdays 7-8pm at the YMCA in Taunton on Lisieux Way

Beginning Friday 1st June
Fridays 7-8am Ashtanga Wake Up, Wiveliscombe Recreation Ground

For those of you who like to kick start your day, whilst the Summer is here, let’s take advantage of the great outdoors.  Yoga is much easier directly on the earth anyway and this class will get your oxygen pumping round your body in no time. Go to for details. Call 07811 344621 to book.