Yoga: Wish I could’ve posed like a tree instead of missing yet another goal at school

Never has a generation of children suffered more from mental ill health (1 in 10) and childhood obesity.  But it doesn’t have to be this way.
More and more adults are recognising the positive impact of yoga but imagine how much the confidence you find in yourself as your practice improves could have impacted on you as you shed your childhood looks and moved into adolescence?
I was someone who struggled with competitive sports at school and I really wish that I’d had the opportunity to develop a yoga practice at a much younger age. It would have provided me with a fun and beneficial way to exercise without having to worry about looking a fool due to my handicapped hand eye co-ordination!  I remember the acute embarrassment still as I awkwardly flung myself and racket towards the ball, white skinny hairy limbs akimbo and sadly missed yet another pass on the tennis court, even though it had been deliberately knocked close enough for me to be able to hit it. At school, sport is a huge  peg on the ladder of popularity and not being very good at it means that you have a lot of making up to do – trying to be very funny or very pretty.  I opted for funny.
Additionally, more children than ever are struggling to cope with difficult home lives. Increasing divorce rates alone demonstrate the number of families struck being split in two and coming from a troubled background myself, I am sure that yoga would have helped me hugely in coping with some painful events in my life. So you’ve heard about the benefits yoga can bring to support a child’s physical and emotional development.  Numerous health experts and athletes are openly singing the praises of yogic exercise and although many are still nervous of ‘bigging up’ the spiritual aspects of yoga such as meditation, the benefits cannot be denied.
I am passionate about using yoga to get your children more active and better equipped to deal with stressYoga is unrivalled in helping with issues such as lack of self-confidence, low self-esteem and bullying. 

For children, practicing yoga regularly helps children to foster a desire to live more healthy lives.

Through yoga classes children are taught physical posture work to maintain strength, flexibility and stamina, whilst relaxation and visualisation techniques help to increase self-confidence and reduce anxiety.

Yoga classes highlight how to deal with challenging issues and stress through breathing, posture work and relaxation techniques.

Yoga helps children to connect with their intuitive nature which in turn helps boost their self confidence and can help them to develop into more grounded individuals.

If a child feels confident and happy, they are less likely to crave the security that material goods give them to help them keep up with their peer group.  Yoga also helps reduce the likelihood of kids becoming bullies by improving their self-esteem.

Bluebird Bliss’ children’s yoga classes are suitable for aged ten and upwards.