Life: The big barter begins

So I made my first steps on my bartering journey last week when Rachel and I made an agreement.  In return for an intensive course of yoga designed to help her regain mobility following her breaking her ankle and to help battle her multiple sclerosis, Rachel is providing me with shelter and moving me and my geriatric cat down to Somerset with her.  This has come at a time when the landlady of my friend Alan (who has been putting me up), is banging on the door chasing down rent and unhappy about the fact that myself and Rachel are currently crashing there i.e. perfect timing.

This time two months ago, I was still trying to finish my yoga course and a part of me inside was screaming “Get out! Get out of this awful flat and get out of London.” I crushed it and the fear that I wouldn’t be able to change my situation with wheels and headstands feeling in my bones that something would happen.  A few weeks later I got a phone call asking, “Do you fancy flat sharing with me?” I didn’t hesitate in my answer!  So it seems I’ve reached stage one of my bartering journey and the next phase will involve covering my basic needs – food etc. Until I am self-sufficient however, the next steps are tricky. I hold out hope though, that someone might trade me yoga and beauty goods for a yurt and a space to put it.

Meantime, I dug my friends vegetable patch in return for dinner and started making arrangements for our move next week.  Here she is, 3 Rockwell Green Wellington. Ain’t she gorgeous?