Light: Sacred Geometry and the Balinese Ascendance Ceremony

This year, the year 2012, it has been prophesised by the Mayan, Aztec, Inca and Hopi people that we will reach a new state of consciousness; that a code within our DNA will be activated and a ‘super-human’ being will be embodied.  In more simple terms, we are entering a state of spiritual awakening.

In order for us to ascend, we must recognise that we are all one and we are all love.  The first step is forgiveness. This video ceremony clears an unconscious block we all have – forgiving our Mother and Father for bringing us onto the Earth.  You may have done a lot of work around forgiveness already, but this will take you to another level.

The video is 37 minutes long and you can watch it right away. Just give it your full attention, and when the “With Every Sacred Breath…” affirmations start, repeat each one after the narrator.

Share this video with your family and facebook friends – you’ll be amazed at some of the transformations that occur
after watching it. I have only just seen it so I will update here, any experiences I have after watching it.

Top tips for watching the video:

1. Load the page, hit play and then pause to let the whole
video buffer if you have a slow broadband connection.

2. Make sure you have peace and quiet and won’t be

3. Dim the lights, turn the volume up, and click ‘Full

The video itself is a work of art – what looks like 3-dimensional computer graphics of sacred geometries is actually real-life models hand-crafted in Bali and filmed in a studio.

This “Original Innocence Ceremony” video represents the first in a series of 6 ceremonies.  Until a few months ago, the only way to receive the energetic attunement was to attend a live ceremony in Glastonbury UK, or other places around the world.  

The creators of the ceremonies are working hard to get all 6 ceremonies on DVD, but it’s a time-consuming process.

I hope you like the ceremony, if you have any miraculous shifts from watching it, or just if you particularly like it, please let me know.