Nutrition: A smoothie to make your skin glow

Fresh fruit and veg gives skin a healthy glow shout scientists

I raise my eyebrows in surprise that universities are governments the world over are still wasting money on research that proves what we already know: fresh fruit and veg is great for everything, including the colour of our skin. Image

Patanjali in his yoga sutras advocated a diet of fresh fruit and vegetables.  He wrote this in the second century BC. Yes peeps.  That’s before Christ! If you want to read more about the ‘ground breaking’ study *gives the heavens a knowing look* see below.  Otherwise, get cracking.  Start with a smoothie.  My favourite makes it good enough for dessert.

1/4 bag of frozen raspberries

1 banana

3-4 dessert spoons of lush greek yoghurt (or soya if you’re vegan)

A splash of orange juice

Simple.  Now send it for a spin in your blender.


That study (see for the full article

St Andrews University scientists recruited 35 students, mostly white, who were quizzed on their fruit and vegetable intake over a six week period.

The volunteers were told not to use sunbeds, fake tan or make-up.

An instrument was used to analyse their skin tone before, during and after the test period.

The results suggested that changes in fruit and vegetable consumption might be related to changes in skin tone, with more fruit and vegetables contributing to a deepening of natural red and yellow skin colouration.

Earlier research by the team had found links between the perceived attractiveness of faces and even subtle changes in these skin tones.

“It is possible that even smaller dietary changes are able to produce perceptible benefits to skin colouration,” they wrote.

However, they did concede that the effects on older people might be different, and that more research into non-white volunteers would be needed.