Yoga: awakening your inner child
















More than likely, you’ve heard the hype.  Good and bad. These days, whether it’s Pippa Middleton’s sister’s bum or  Jennifer Aniston, it seems that in hundreds of news stories, we are hearing about a link to yoga.

But what’s all the fuss about and why has it suddenly become so popular? We could put it down to the recession/depression/whatever you wanna call it, pushing people to find something to fill the gap left by dwindling finances; we could possibly even put it down to a rise in the global consciousness’ search for a meaning in life; or we could just put it down to media hype.  Whatever the cause, the effects are clear.

Yoga brings about healing and personally, I have found one of the most transformative and powerful effects to be the awakening of my inner child.  I’m sure you remember those hot summer days when we were shoved outside the classroom at break time and forced to entertain ourselves on the grass for an hour. If so, you probably also remember the slightly competitive/slightly showy off moments where you would yell at a friend, ‘Watch what I can do?’ or vice versa, before attempting a wonky cartwheel or a headstand with total abandon? That said, I was always slightly on the woossier end of the spectrum so probably had slightly more caution than abandon but you get my drift.

Science tells us that time is not linear and it was during a personal yoga practice session that I really understood what that meant.  Piling cushions in front of me whilst attempting a headstand, as I lost my balance and tumbled over, I tumbled straight back into my childhood.  I remembered those carefree moments where we explored the limits of our body, trying head stands, hand stands, cart wheels and back flips and I experienced those same feelings of excitement; that anything is possible. The feelings we had as a child when we understood no boundaries on the world can be re-ignited as we increase the depth and complication of our yoga poses and at the same time, we have a huge amount of fun.

This is hugely powerful for healing, particularly for anyone who had a painful childhood and may have shut out most or all of the memories we hold from that time as yoga enables us to travel back to that time of our lives in safety and experience its beauty without trauma or pain.

So why I think everyone’s getting into yoga?  Simply… because it’s fun. It may take a few classes to relax enough to realise it but when you do, I promise you won’t be able to get enough.