The big adventure begins

On Sunday last week – my birthday – I left the beautiful Rockaway Park bnb booted in my pink ribbon lace up Doc Martens with what I realised was probably the heaviest day… Continue reading

Introducing Planetary Tantra

FEEL IN EXTREMITY Planetary Tantra is the instruction given to the Human Species for interactive magic with…  Gaia – the Divine Sophia who is embodied in the Earth. If you want to be… Continue reading

Gypsy Caravan/Gypsy Wagon/Shepherd’s Hut is for sale to help fund our new life…

The last thread tying me to life in the UK is my gypsy wagon which sadly I must sell to cover the costs of shipping my rescue horses to the South of Spain.… Continue reading

Grand designs eat your heart out

I write this in the hope that it will inspire you to keep on dreaming even in the most dire of circumstances. Five years ago I stepped out of the London melee and… Continue reading

Survival tips for relationships with others and yourself

Tips:If something doesn’t feel good, don’t do it. Our emotions and feelings are powerful indicators. Listen to your gut as well as your heart. Know that you can have pleasure without pain! If… Continue reading

Decoding The Healer’s Wound

Source: Decoding The Healer’s Wound

I am worthy… How this statement can change your life

Many months have passed since I last wrote here on a personal level. In large part, that’s because the “I” that the majority of people who know me and even “I” myself in fact,… Continue reading

Bluebird Bliss reviews 2016

2016 now feels far enough away and I finally have enough space and time to breathe and reflect on all that was achieved both personally and professionally. We are almost into the beginning… Continue reading

How our Bristol natural livery is faring this winter

At our natural track livery in Bristol the horses have freedom to choose. 24/7 roaming access to our concreted yard, covered barn, arena and track with hay stations along the way and a… Continue reading

What a welcome greeting on a track livery in Bristol looks like